File Sharing + Text Chat using WebRTC DataChannel

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Getting started with WebRTC DataChannel

<script src="https://cdn.webrtc-experiment.com/DataChannel.js"></script>
    var channel = new DataChannel();

    // to create/open a new channel

    // to send text/data or file
    channel.send(file || data || 'text');
    // if soemone already created a channel; to join it: use "connect" method
Remember, A-to-Z, everything is optional! You can set channel-name in constructor or in open/connect methods. It is your choice!


  1. Send file directly — of any size
  2. Send text-message of any length
  3. Send data directly
  4. Simplest syntax ever! Same like WebSockets.
  5. Supports fallback to socket.io/websockets/etc.
  6. Auto users' presence detection
  7. Allows you eject any user; or close your entire data session


    // to be alerted on data ports get open
    channel.onopen = function(userid) {}
    // to be alerted on data ports get new message
    channel.onmessage = function(message, userid) {}
    // by default; connection is [many-to-many]; you can use following directions
    channel.direction = 'one-to-one';
    channel.direction = 'one-to-many';
    channel.direction = 'many-to-many';	// --- it is default

    // show progress bar!
    channel.onFileProgress = function (packets) {
        // packets.remaining
        // packets.sent
        // packets.received
        // packets.length

    // on file successfully sent
    channel.onFileSent = function (file) {
        // file.name
        // file.size

    // on file successfully received
    channel.onFileReceived = function (fileName) {};

Errors Handling

    // error to open data ports
    channel.onerror = function(event) {}
    // data ports suddenly dropped
    channel.onclose = function(event) {}

Use your own socket.io for signaling

    // by default Firebase is used for signaling; you can override it
    channel.openSignalingChannel = function(config) {
        var socket = io.connect('http://your-site:8888');
        socket.channel = config.channel || this.channel || 'default-channel';
        socket.on('message', config.onmessage);

        socket.send = function (data) {
            socket.emit('message', data);

        if (config.onopen) setTimeout(config.onopen, 1);
        return socket;

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